Funny 60 sec book trailer Canon HF S200

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Funny 60 sec book trailer Canon HF S200

Post by VinceRocca » Tue Mar 01, 2011 11:43 pm

Here's a 1 minute trailer I made for the book Rebel without a Deal.

Shot in 1 take with the Canon HF S200, set to 24pa and Cinelook on.
Cheep green felt from a fabric store was used for Green Screen.
Rough edit in Final Cut.
Fine tuned and keyed with Keylight in After Effects.
Color correction with Synthetic Aperture in After Effects.
Foley recorded with a Countryman ISOMAX EMW Lav & a Zoom H4N
Music by Smart Sound Sonic Fire
Final audio mix in Final Cut.

Comments? Thoughts?
Rebel without a Deal Book - it's like a REMAKE, but a good one like Scarface.

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