How to join AVI Files with VirtualDub  

by Matt Hawkins, 22/08/2011

This tutorial explains how to join or stitch together a number of AVI files using the free VirtualDub utility.

Step 1

Download and install VirtualDub from the homepage.

Step 2

Prepare all your AVI files into a single directory. They should all have the same filename except for a number at the end.

clip1.avi, clip2.avi, clip3.avi etc.

This will speed up the process especially for large sets of files.

Step 3

Launch VirtualDub.

Select "Open video file" from the "File" menu (A).


Drag the slider all the way to the right hand side to select the very last frame. Use your right cursor key to make sure you are at the end.

Select "Append AVI segment" from the "File" menu (B).


Browse to and select the second video clip in your sequence (C).


Ensure the "Autodetect" checkbox is enabled (D). This will allow all your other numbered files to be added automatically without you having to add each one individually.

All your avi files will now be joined together, one after the other.

Step 4

Select "Direct stream copy" under the "Video" menu (E).


Select "Direct stream copy" under the "Audio" menu (F).


You are now ready to create the final AVI so select "Save as AVI" from the "File" menu (G).


Choose a filename and click "OK". The final AVI will be written to your hard drive.


Note 1 : This method requires that all your clips are the same resolution, codec and framerate.

Note 2 : This method does not work with AVIs that use Variable Bitrate (VBR) MP3 audio.

Author : Matt Hawkins  Last Edit By : Matt Hawkins
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