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Welcome to the MattHawkins Identification (ID) Card generator. This tool allows you to quickly create an ID card for your low-budget film, movie and video projects. It allows you to create a fake ID quickly and cheaply whenever your scripts calls for one. You can either print it and stick on a photo later or you can upload a photo and generate a complete card.

A number of templates are available in a range of colours including CIA, FBI, CTU and Homeland Security. The main bits of text can be customised.

This tool was inspired by the hysteria surrounding my "How To Make A Police ID Warrant Card" tutorial I created back in 2005.

Generate Your ID Card
Preview Custom ID Card Prop
Click to view the full sized card. If you right click the image you can save it to your computer.
The final dimensions are 600x388. The picture should be printed at approximately 85mm x 55mm.
Step 1 - Upload Face Photo
Your photo must be a JPG file maximum file size 50KB.
Ideally 180x200 or similar aspect ratio.
Step 2 - ID Options

Step 3 - Create ID

This ID card creator is provided for the creation of identification cards for non-commercial film and video use.

It is ILLEGAL for YOU to use ID cards to mis-represent yourself or to obtain goods or services with false information. It is fraud. However it is not ILLEGAL for me to provide this service.

I do not make or otherwise provide ID cards. It's easy enough to print and laminate your own with materials available from all good stationary shops.

This site does not support the selling of Fake ID, Novelty ID or whatever other term criminals use to rip of underage binge drinkers. If you send your money to a site offering fake ID cards then expect to get ripped off. Stop swigging cheap cider and get film making. It is fun and much healthier.

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